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larger size for your viewing pleasure

larger size for your viewing pleasure

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Noted this is not a show-off, I am doing this huge giveaway to you wonderful tumblr hockey fans!

  • 9-pocket hockey cards, all from upper deck, 20+ sets
  • Classic panini cards in plastic card holder (You can name whoever you want, I will put him in the card holder and send to you)
  • Mini masks from every single team except hawks (sorry guys, when I got these beauties, I just realized they made two ducks and forgot hawks :’(
  • Mini flags from every single team
  • Key chains from the teams of which I am fond
  • Inflatable hockey sticks :)
  • clippers/money holders from five teams: Leafs, Avs, Rangers, Sharks and Bolts
  • and finally as you all noticed, I will be giving out Kaner’s away white jersey.

You can only ask for two or less items from this pile, and you probably need to follow me :’)

Feel free to reblog this post, I will approach the winners at the beginning of October.

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In which Sid is basically a big kid at the end of his Cup Day (2009)



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Goalie Love: Martin Brodeur